Core Competencies

Key Areas of Research Expertise


Brand Equity/Tracking: Assessing the equity of brands in the context of the competitive marketplace is a core competency of Kattner Consulting. Our experience has provided businesses with product/brand awareness, attitude and usage information. Game-changing insights you can use to monitor key marketplace activities over time, with flexible customization to assess the effectiveness of periodic marketing initiatives. Industries in which we have expertise include beverages, food ingredients, computers, wireless communications, media, software, apparel, toys, health care, utilities and hospitality.


Purchase Process Evaluation: In both consumer and business worlds, there are decision-makers and influencers involved in considering a variety of internal and external factors that go into purchase decisions. It’s important to recognize which elements in the process can be influenced and to what degree. Through proper design and analysis, we can help you establish exactly where in the process to focus your marketing efforts for maximum effect.



Customer Value/Customer Feedback: Capturing and interpreting customer feedback is a key area of expertise within Kattner Consulting. Our experience in both relationship- and transaction-based customer feedback enables us to link customer input with internal metrics, including revenue and profit performance. Insightful perspectives are captured that allow for internal benchmarking and facilitate competitive performance. We can tell you what you’re doing right and what needs to be fixed.


Market Segmentation: We’ve used several approaches to developing segmentations, including attitudinal, behavioral, needs-based and others. For segmentation, art and science come together in developing the appropriate method. Descriptive statistics, along with more sophisticated analytics, are tools we’ve used to develop a meaningful market segmentation. Working closely with our clients has proven essential to achieving accurate and actionable segmentation solutions.